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A Copywriter and Voice Actor based in Baton Rouge

I'm a Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based copywriter and content strategist at an advertising agency called MESH.

I was born in a town named after a bloody red pole discovered by French explorers, who then decided the land would be a great place to settle down, make babies and eventually cover said land with oil refineries and strip malls.

I graduated from Louisiana State University's Manship School of Mass Communication with a degree in Digital Advertising. During school I worked in the marketing department of a corporate law firm and interned with the fine folks at the Louisiana Marathon. In 2016, I joined MESH as a copywriter and after two years was named the agency's Head of Copywriting and Content Strategy in 2017.

Long form, short form, any form, I like to tell stories. If there's a nook and cranny of advertising, branding and marketing, I'm completely comfortable writing content for it. Speaking of nooks and crannies, I rather enjoy the spotlight so I won't be off hiding somewhere in the shadows when it's time to present work to clients. Some would say I have a way with words, others would say I have too much free time.

Thanks for paying a visit. If I can help or if you simply couldn't get enough, get in touch with me: or

P.S. I've been told my voice is my best asset, so if you're bored and want to hear some of my best attempts at sounding like Morgan Freeman check out my voiceover demo page.